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Facebook gay hate scandal:

ex-soldier charged

06 May, 2011 06:31 AM
Sydney police have charged a former Australian soldier over the creation of a Facebook gay hate page that targeted four members of the Defence Force.The arrest comes less than a month after Fairfax revealed the harassment, which targeted an army major, Paul Morgan, two members of the Sydney-based commando regiment 2RAR and another soldier.

It was also revealed that, despite the Facebook page clearly identifying several dozen serving soldiers, the Defence Force failed to properly investigate and punish serving members allegedly linked to a campaign designed to expose and intimidate homosexual personnel.

Major Morgan, an army psychologist, was also sent a graphic email, which police allege came from the soldier, which stated: ”I will cut your homosexual carcass into 100 pieces to feed you to the marine life in Botany Bay.”

The Facebook page, created by the pseudonym ”Steve Austin”, was created to expose what the author called ”bum bandits getting around the ADF”.

The four serving gay men had their names published on the Facebook page – which has since been taken down – as having made a ”filthy lifestyle decision”.

”This page has been created to inform current and past serving members of the ADF who is ‘biting the pillow’,” it said.

It allegedly had links to extremely violent and pornographic videos on YouTube showing homosexuals being executed superimposed over images of flag-draped coffins of dead Australian troops.

Police from Surry Hills in Sydney charged the 32-year-old with one count of using a carriage service to threaten in relation to the email.

He was also charged with using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence, relating to the Facebook page.

The arrest comes amid Canberra’s Australian Defence Force Academy Skype scandal, with two army cadets last week facing court over allegations that one of them had sex with a fellow cadet and broadcast the encounter over Skype to the other cadet. That incident sparked public condemnation of the way the Defence Force handled the fallout ADFA commandant Bruce Kafer was forced to take leave by the Chief of Army, Ken Gillespie, last month and a suite of reviews and inquiries into Defence culture followed.


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