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Brocial Network back online

Mex Cooper

May 20, 2011

The creator of a sexist Facebook group that spread raunchy images of women without their knowledge has allegedly resurfaced and appears to be selling a line of T-shirts.

The original group’s site, “The Brocial Network”, was removed by Facebook because it violated the use of real names after it is believed to have been set up using fake identities.

The group came under fire for spreading photos of scantily clad women copied from the Facebook photo albums of friends and family.

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At least some of the women had no idea their photos were being circulated and felt violated by the group’s actions.

A person, who has dubbed himself “King Brocial”, has quickly established a new Facebook page and claims to be the leader of the original group.

More than 500 people are listed as liking the new site.

A negative comment posted from a woman on the new site’s wall vanished within minutes this afternoon, leaving only male comments mostly praising a return of the “king”.

The “king” requests the men contact him via email and to buy a $5 wristband with the words “I’m a Bro” on it.

It is not clear what happens once the men email the site’s creator. An email from The Age went unanswered.

To one person who posted: “King, whats the DL? im still unsure of what happened to the original network”.

‘King Brocial’ responds: “It was removed my bro … have no fear though. Email me and your mind will be blown once again.”

T-shirts are also being sold at another Brocial-related Facebook group page for $20.

The original group had attracted 8000 members — including three AFL footballers who claimed they were unwittingly added — before being shut down.

One post on the new site complains that previous members had invited “snitches and feminists”, leading to the site’s demise.

It seems the group’s name has been copied from a short video spoof of the film Social Network called The Brocial Network by a group called Atomic Production.

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha


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