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Pinterest Blogger captures stardom by pinning 5700 images on site.

Christine Martinez spent the past week frolicking on the Caribbean island of St Barts after becoming a star by sharing her sense of style at Pinterest.com.

Pinterest has become the web’s hottest young website, particularly among women, by giving people virtual bulletin boards that they decorate with pictures showcasing interests in anything from food to sports, fashion or travel.

“Gawd I love Pinterest,” fashion blogger Martinez said in a Twitter message fired off between flights on Friday as she made her way back to her home in the Californian city of Oakland

Nearly a million people have signed up to follow Martinez at Pinterest where people “pin” pictures they have taken or, in most cases, plucked from elsewhere on the internet.

“I have a penchant for pretty,” Martinez said in her Pinterest profile, which had a picture of her with her cherished dog ‘Miles.’

As of Saturday, she had 43 Pinterest boards with more than 5700 images reflecting her taste in jewellery, swimsuits, and more.

Pinterest is such an influential fashion venue that chic beachwear label Calypso St Barts took her to the French island territory for a week to “live pin” the label’s swimsuit photo shoot.

“Pinterest is the latest procrastination tool of the masses,” Avery Spofford of fashion website shefinds.com wrote in an online post citing Martinez’s adventure as evidence of Pinterest’s clout.

“Mostly, people just like to look at photos of puppies and cake and interior design,” Spofford continued. “Us, too!”

Pinterest was launched in early 2010 and has been growing at a dizzying rate in the past six months despite being invitation-only. The website reportedly has more than 13 million users.

Pinterest is driving more online traffic to retail websites than social networks LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ combined, according to a January report from Shareaholic.

The first investor to back in the venture, Brian Cohen, is delighted with its results so far.

“Pinterest’s traffic charts aren’t hockey sticks – they’re rocket ships,” internet tracker RJ Metrics said in an analysis released last month.

“Pinterest is the hottest young site on the internet.”

Brands are leaping onto Pinterest, setting up pages to appeal to prime shopping demographics or forming collaborations such as the one between Martinez’s MilestoStyle.com blog and Calypso.

“The amount of free advertising a brand gets on Pinterest is ridiculous,” blogger Kerry Sauriol wrote at WomenInBizNetwork.com.

“Without even having their own Pinterest boards, clothing companies, furniture designers, tech companies, and on and on have their products pinned and adored,” she continued.

“Think of the marketing power of a brand that does have a board.”

Other websites have begun adding “pin it” buttons inviting visitors to decorate Pinterest pages with images using a single click, according to co-founder Ben Silbermann.

“The last few months have been a whirlwind here at Pinterest,” Silbermann said in a recent blog post. “It’s humbling, and exciting.”

The small Pinterest team works in box of an office in single-story building in downtown Palo Alto in Silicon Valley.

About a dozen engineers were working at rows of desks in an undecorated room when an AFP correspondent visited.

Pinterest said it was too swamped with attention from users and media for interviews.

Rampant pinning of images snagged from the internet has raised concerns about copyright violations at Pinterest.

The website follows procedures set out in US copyright law and has a form at the site for reporting violations, Silbermann explained. Each “pin” has a flag icon for marking pirated content.

“We care about respecting the rights of copyright holders,” Silbermann said.

“Copyright is a complicated and nuanced issue and we have knowledgeable people who are providing lots of guidance.”

Pinterest fans include Dave Morin, a longtime member of the Facebook team who left the leading social network to start Path.

Morin sees Pinterest as part of a trend for people in “the world’s biggest club” Facebook to form sub-groups based on interests or close relationships.

“Now that the world understands how to be social through the internet people want unique experiences in different contexts,” Morin said, noting that Path lets people intimately share with family and close friends.

“Pinterest has a space where you can talk about your deep interests,” he continued. “In my case, deep interests in ski gear or photography gear.”

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January 12th, 2011 MY SPACE, NOTICES none Comments

MySpace job cuts

hit Australian office

January 12, 2011 – 2:30PM

MySpace looks set to close its Australian office as part of its move to cut 500 jobs – or nearly half its staff – potentially setting the stage for a sale of the social network owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

MySpace chief executive Mike Jones said in a statement today that the company would enter into strategic local partnerships to manage advertising sales and content in Australia, with details of partners yet to be finalised.  He said the company would retain a core international team to work with partners.

It is understood that all Australian positions within MySpace are under review with some opportunities for relocation to other divisions.

A spokesperson for IGN Entertainment Australia – an online publisher that operates alongside MySpace under the Fox Interactive Media business umbrella – said IGN Entertainment Australia would continue with business as usual. “Following on from its largest ever audience reached in December 2010, IGN will soon be able to announce details of its commercial arrangements in the region.”

Jones said the restructuring would “result in a 47 per cent staff reduction across all divisions globally and impact about 500 employees.”

“Today’s tough but necessary changes were taken in order to provide the company with a clear path for sustained growth and profitability.

“The new organisational structure will enable us to move more nimbly, develop products more quickly, and attain more flexibility on the financial side,” he said.

News bought Myspace for $US580 million in 2005 but it has been overtaken in recent years by Facebook, which has grown to more than 500 million members while Myspace’s numbers have dwindled.

In November, News Corp president and chief operating officer Chase Carey said the losses at the social network were “unsustainable”.

With tens of millions of users, Carey said Myspace still “has the potential to be an exciting business for us” but “we need to make real headway in the coming quarters to get this business to a sustainable level”.

Wedbush Securities’ Lou Kerner, a top Wall Street social media analyst, said the deep staff cuts at Myspace may be laying the groundwork for a sale.

“I think this is likely a first step to selling the asset,” Kerner said.

“It certainly makes sense for News Corp. to take a hatchet to the company as preparation for a sale so when somebody acquires it that’s not the first thing that they have to do.” he said.

“Generally with social networks if they’re not growing they’re shrinking,” Kerner said. “And Myspace has been shrinking for an extended period of time.

“They’ve brought in multiple management to try and turn things around and nobody’s been successful,” he said.

The Wedbush Securities analyst said probably the single biggest technical innovation by Facebook that allowed it to leap past Myspace was the creation of the “news feed”, which aggregated updates from a user’s Facebook friends.

“On Myspace you needed to go 500 profiles to see what all your friends were up to,” he said. “Myspace architecture just wasn’t flexible enough to implement that kind of change in a timely fashion.”

Jones, the Myspace CEO, said Myspace would be entering into partnerships in Australia, Britain and Germany to manage advertising sales and content.

In Britain, Myspace would partner with Fox Networks, another property of Murdoch’s News Corp, he said, while details about Australia and Germany were being finalised.

Jones said an October redesign of Myspace, which has been fashioning itself as more of a hub for music, had resulted in more than 3.3 million new profiles being created on the site.

“With our recent relaunch as an entertainment destination for Gen Y, we introduced a much tighter focus, a significantly streamlined product and an updated technology platform,” Jones said.

“While it’s still early days, the new Myspace is trending positively and the good news is we have already seen an uptick in returning and new users.”

Jones said mobile users of Myspace rose four per cent between November and December and now total more than 22 million.

He said the layoffs were “purely driven by issues related to our legacy business, and in no way reflect the performance of the new product.”

Jones said the company will “retain a core, dedicated international team to work with partners in order to ensure users, content partners and advertisers continue to be served.

“We are also committed to rebuilding the company with an entrepreneurial culture and an emphasis on technical innovation,” he said.

News Corp does not release figures for Myspace but the “other” category in its most recent quarterly financial statement showed a loss of $US156 million. Facebook, meanwhile, earned an estimated $US400 million on revenue of two billion US dollars last year

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Reuters Small Business presents expansion pitches from upstarts across the country. Boulder-based startup BlipSnips has created a Web platform that lets users tag specific moments in videos to share on their social networks. Here’s the pitch:

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people 10 pose.10 persons look standcrowd

Having a single source for social sites makes it very convenient.

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