In the lowest income bracket, just 7 per cent of teens use Snapchat the most, while 19 per cent prefer Instagram

As incomes rise, however, Facebook becomes less de rigueur, with just 31 per cent of teens from households earning more than $US100,000 frequenting the platform most often.

Instagram and Snapchat are more popular among these cashed-up teens, with a quarter preferring Instagram to any other social platform – including Facebook – and 15 per cent preferring Snapchat.

Which brings us to one of the more curious phenomenons on the web: Rich Kids of Instagram.

The photo blog, whose home is the relatively unpopular Tumblr, is dedicated to the young and filthy rich, and features private jets and yachts aplenty, not to mention horrendous amounts of champagne.

Poor Kids of Instagram doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Interestingly, Instagram is also more popular among young teens, with a quarter of those aged 13 to 14 using the platform most often, compared to only 17 per cent among those aged 15 to 17.

Call it youthful optimism.

The research also shows a vast majority of teens – 71 per cent – use more than one social network at a time.

Overall, 71 per cent use Facebook, 52 per cent use Instagram, 41 per cent use Snapchat, 33 per cent use Twitter, 24 per cent use Vine and 15 per cent use Tumblr.

The Pew survey tapped a representative sample of 1060 pairs of parents and teens across the United States during late 2014 and early 2015.


Henry Sapiecha

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